​Debbie Camberg


"I've had an interest in photography ever since I was very little, from watching my Uncle Bob and my maternal grandfather at family gatherings and reunions. Photography was their hobby. From what I could tell, Uncle Bob was the family photographer on my dad's side, and Grandpa J. was the family photographer on my mom's side.  I 've certainly taken after them.  I try to take advantage of family gatherings by photographing each person individually as well as group photos. Sometimes a few of them were a bit reluctant to have their photos taken, but as time passes, I hope those photos will mean a lot to their loved ones."

Photography has been the focus of my life for most of my adult years. In the late 70's, I had many commissions for macramé wall hangings in the shapes of animals, plant hangers, and even room dividers. I photographed each piece and created my first portfolio.  In the early 80's I began sketching detailed portraits from photos of my son and family members on my lunch break at work.  I enjoyed having people watch me over my shoulder and next thing I knew, they were bringing me photos of their children or grandchildren for me to sketch for them.  It was then that I created my second portfolio by photographing my sketches.  In the 90's I photographed and videotaped weddings. I also taught myself how to transfer old 8mm & 16mm home movies to VHS. From 2000-2002 I took 3 semesters of watercolor painting, and I have been teaching watercolor ever since.  I also started photographing landscapes for future paintings, and I take photos of my paintings to post online. 
For many years I put my portrait and wedding photography on the "backburner" so to speak, and nearly a year after my daughter's wedding, she told me that her wedding photographer still had not given her all of her photos and her DVD.  I guess that's all it took to get me back into outdoor portrait photography and weddings.  In the Fall of 2012, I bought some indoor photography backgrounds and props so I could still earn a living when the weather is bad.  I love trying new types of photography, so if you have an idea in mind that you don't see pictured on this site, please feel free to let me experiment, because  I love artistic challenges!

"I see life as the art, and love as the inspiration. I am honored to offer photographs as documents of this journey. I look forward to speaking with you soon and making images of what matters most to you." Camberg Studio is a natural light studio and on-location photography service created by portrait photographer Debbie Camberg.
"Thank you for taking the time to look through my site. I hope to get to meet you soon!"













​More about Debbie:
1957- Born in the Columbia District Hospital in St. Helens, Oregon (I would later worked there!)
​1976- Took 2 semesters of black & white photography (and it has been my hobby ever since.)
1976- Graduated from St. Helens Senior High and moved to S. California in the Fall
1978- Got married in San Diego and moved back to my home town.
1978-1989 Worked at the Columbia District Hospital in the cafeteria and kitchen.
1980- Had a baby boy at the Columbia District Hospital.
1979- Taught myself how to macramé and completed many commissioned pieces.
1981- Taught myself how to sketch realistic portraits from photos and did quite a few commissions.
1982-1983 Worked part time in the kitchen at the Meadow Park Nursing Home.
1983- Had a baby girl at the Columbia District Hospital.
1987-1999 Worked at Payless Drug Store in the photography department (Now Rite-Aid)
1988- Got a divorce and met Adam (my current husband) 3 weeks after my divorce papers arrived.
1989- Was hit by a drunk driver while riding with 2 friends in Rainier.  I quit working at the Hospital.
1990- I bought my first video camera and a 35mm camera with the auto accident settlement.
1990- Started a video/photography business called "Weddings & Transfers by" Video Memories
1992- Got married in Carmel by the Sea.
1995- Got interested in genealogy (and soon published 2 quarterly newsletters on genealogy.)
1997-1998 Had 2 work related surgeries and have been self employed ever since.
1999- My father died unexpectedly at age 64
1999- I stopped publishing the Noren Newsletter and the Villeneuve Connections Newsletter
1999- I created several genealogy groups online at Yahoo Groups to replace my newsletters.
1999- My 2nd lawyer fired my 1st lawyer for me, and I finally won my workers comp. settlement.
2000- Took a variety of computer classes, web design, Photoshop, java script, Publisher etc.
2000- Took my first semester of beginner watercolor painting lessons in the Spring at PCC.
2000- Was offered a teaching job at Columbia Village after only three months of watercolor lessons.
2001- Columbia Village stopped offering painting lessons that Fall. I taught there for one year.
2001- Took another semester of watercolor that Fall, and bought my supplies at Michaels.
2001- Started teaching at the Michael's Arts & Crafts store in Beaverton, Oregon.
2001- Took a few Chinese watercolor painting lessons at Michael's Arts & Crafts store.
2002- Took my first semester of "Landscape" watercolor classes in the Spring at PCC.
2004- Changed business name to Camberg Studio (for Art & Photography)  I now teach from home.
2005- Took a semester of "Pottery & Ceramics" in the Spring at PCC
2005- My mom moved to La Pine, Oregon and died 3 weeks later at age 69
2007- I took a 6 week writing course online and began writing my Memoirs.
2007- My daughter had a baby boy and I got to witness his birth.
2008- I babysat my grandson from 6 weeks old to 7 mo. old.
2008- I had my right hip replaced
2009- My daughter had a baby girl. I babysat them both every Friday
2011- I had my left hip replaced.
2012- Started posting photos of my photography on Facebook, and I have an ad in the Trivia Pages.
2013- Broke my right arm near the wrist., which brought on severe carpal tunnel symptoms
2014- Looking forward to see what this year brings...  Probably carpal tunnel surgery..